Cocobots Baby

The natural way to help soothe your skin

Hello Baby Carers! I am a Melbourne based mummy of three young children, who for years fantasised about a simpler, safer and more natural alternative to nappy rash cream (Yes, I know, I dream BIG!) and consequently I decided to make one myself. I was so tired of washing my hands before changing my babies nappy a dozen times a day. Digging my fingers into a tub of cream and getting the cream stuck up my fingernails forever wasn't ideal. Neither was squeezing a tube of cream onto my fingers then smearing it all over my babies bottom, as this always left my hands with a tacky residue and awful smell. Why wasn't there a rash balm in a twist tube so I didn't have to touch it? A cream that I didn't have to 'double dip' into and risk depositing more germs and re-contaminating my babes sores?

So anyway, here it is: An all natural, no fuss, super-easy, glide on nappy balm in a twist tube. It only has two awesome ingredients that are both natural and are kind for your babies skin. Coconut Oil and Beeswax.

Cocobots Baby Rash Balm

Large 60gm Twist Tube



Cocobots for Mums Soother Balm

Mini 5gm Twist Tube